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How to Avoid Nintendo 3DS Ban Wave 002-0102

Nintendo is banning 3DS consoles left and right as we speak. Most users you have been banned are running custom firmware(3ds cfw ban) on their consoles but those without Nintendo 3ds custom firmware have also been banned. Nintendo 3DS 002-0102 ban wave started late last night (25 May 2017). We have collected some information on how to avoid the Nintendo 3DS ban wave which started yesterday night.

3DS Ban

Nintendo 3DS 002-0102 ban wave does not block access to eShop, Youtube. As of now, no one ensures that Nintendo is started a 3DS ban wave, but polls suggest users running custom firmware (CFW) on their consoles are affected. It doesn’t matter if you are running a9lh or boot9strap.

A user on Reddit reports that his Old 3DS system which is not running a custom firmware has also been banned.

reddit reports

Another Reddit user has reported that his non-modded old 3ds were also banned.

Sscreen Shot 2017 05 25 at 10.13.47 PM

The ban does not affect your Nintendo ID (NNID), it affects the console and stops you from playing online, using PokeBank, and accessing your Friend List.

Nintendo USA has also updated its support page for 002-0102. It previously read :

Ssscreen Shot 2017 05 25 at 1.08.39 PM

Now it reads:-

Shot 2017 05 25 at 1.08.46 PM

Nintendo UK however doesn’t mention anything about a ban, they want you to contact them. We urge our UK readers to contact Nintendo and ask them the reason for the ban.

Nintendo UK 3DS Ban 1024x487 1

How to Check if You are Banned

If you are curious to check, you can open a Friends List. If you are greeted with error 002-0102 your console is banned. Please note you do need to be connected to the internet to check this.

How to Avoid Nintendo 3DS Ban Wave – May 2017

Make sure to complete this poll, please.


We do not guarantee that the below fix will work. We are not responsible if you get banned even after the below steps.

Take Console Off the Internet

We advise all our readers to turn off their consoles right away. The next step would be to turn off your router, turn your console back on and turn wifi off on your console. You can then turn on your router and access the internet on your other devices.

Turn off “send information about the console to Nintendo” or how to turn off spotpass 3ds

Luma 3DS author Aurora Wright suggests turning off the “send information about this console to Nintendo” option.

Turn your console on, head to System Settings -> Internet Settings -> Spotpass, and turn Sending of System Information off.

This will stop Nintendo from knowing if you are running custom firmware on your console or not.

Delete Activity Log

You can also download and install Cthulhu from here and clear your Activity Log of any illegal CIA’s you might have installed (aka clear Activity log for Software Library).  Usage instructions can be found here.

Turn off Show Friends What You Are Playing

Head over to Settings -> Friend Notification Settings -> Show friends what you’re playing and turn it off.

How to Get Unbanned From 002-0102

Read our detailed tutorial linked below.

How to Unban 3DS (Error Code 002-0102) – May 2017

Our advice is to wait until Nintendo stops banning consoles. As always, try it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any bricked devices.

Nintendo Customer Care Clueless About the Ban

A dude called Nintendo Customer Care to ask for information about the ban and here’s the conversation.

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