How to Unban 3DS (Error Code 002-0102)

How to Unban 3DS (Error Code 002-0102): Over the last few days, Nintendo has been targeting consoles running custom firmware by banning them. The ban results in you not being able to play online, however you can still access eShop and give Nintendo your hard-earned money. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to unban 3DS which has error code 002-0102.

How to Unban 3DS

How to Unban 3DS Error Code 002-0102


We do not guarantee that the below fix will work. We are not responsible for any bricked devices. You are doing this at your own risk. 

Pre-Requisites (3DS Unban)

banned console (3ds, 2ds, 3ds-xl) running either a9lh or boot9strap.

The latest release of Decrypt9, download the zip file from here.

computer (PC/Mac)

Step 1 : Extract Decrypt9

Unzip the Decrypt9 zip file downloaded above. Create a folder called files9 at the root of your sd card if it doesn’t exist already.

If you are running a9lh copy the file Decrypt9WIP.bin from the extracted folder and paste it in your sd card under the folder /luma/payloads. Once done rename the file to start_Decrypt9WIP.bin.

If you are running boot9strap copy the file Decrypt9WIP.firm from the extracted folder and paste it in your sd card under the folder /luma/payloads. Delete any other files from the payloads folder.

Step 2 : Backup Nand & Current LocalFriendSeed

Insert the MicroSD card back into the 3ds. Press the start button and keep it pressed while pressing the power on button. You should boot into Decrypt9.

Navigate to Sysnand options -> Sysnane backup/restore -> Nand backup. Use up-down keys to select a name and press A to start the Nand backup.

How to Unban 3DS
How to Unban 3DS
How to Unban 3DS
How to Unban 3DS

This will create a Nand backup in the folder files9. Once the backup is complete press the B key twice to return to the Sysnand options menu.

Navigate to System File Dump -> Dump LocalFriendCodeSeed_B option.  Press the A key to select that option, select name using up down keys, and press A to dump. This will dump the current LocalFriendCodeSeed files to the files9 folder.

How to Unban 3DS
How to Unban 3DS

Press the B key to return to the main menu. Press select key to unmount sd card. Remove the sd card from the console and insert the sd card into your computer. Navigate to files9 folder on sd card, copy the contents of files9 folder to your computer. One copy is complete delete the contents of files9 folder (do not delete the folder).

Step 3 : Download and Inject New LocalFriendSeed

Download either of unbanned LocalFriendSeed files from the below links and place them in the files9 folder on the sd card. If you download LocalFriendSeed_A just rename it to LocalFriendSeed_B after downloading. Similarly, if you download LocalFriendCode_C rename it to LocalFriendSeed_B. Place the downloaded file in the files9 folder of the sd card and re-insert the sd card into the console.



LocalFriendSeed_C – added 20th July 2017

LocalFriendSeed_D – added 20th September 2017

Navigate to System File Inject -> Inject LocalFriendCodeSeed_B. Press the A key to select and then enter the key combination displayed on the screen.

How to Unban 3DS
How to Unban 3DS
How to Unban 3DS

That’s it peeps. Your 3ds should now be unbanned. Once you are unbanned follow the steps here to prevent further bans.

Make sure to leave us feedback on how to unban 3DS Error Code 002-0102 tutorial via comments below.

If your 3ds is still banned, you can try with the other LocalFriendSeed file, and repeat step 3. If your 3ds is banned even after trying both the files, you need to find another unbanned LocalFriendSeed file or you can comment below and we will try to find another file.

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