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How to Install Optifine in Minecraft 1.18 [Easy Method]

How to Install Optifine in Minecraft 1.18: The Minecraft 1.18 Update has the community buzzing with its incredible new features. This update includes world generation updates, cross-functioning seed, and many other new features. With such a huge update comes the pressure of high performance on many low-end and medium-end computers. Luckily, OptiFine’s team is there to help. This is not all. 

OptiFine can be combined with some Minecraft shaders to improve the game’s graphics dramatically. Due to differences in the programming of Minecraft Java vs. Bedrock editions, OptiFine is only compatible with Minecraft Java Edition. However, Bedrock players still have RTX in Minecraft. Let’s now learn how to install OptiFine for Minecraft 1.18.1 to get better graphics and FPS.

How to Install Optifine in Minecraft 1.18

Download OptiFine for Minecraft 1.18.1

OptiFine’s programmers are focused on inclusion, so there are no minimum requirements for installing it. Make sure that you have Minecraft 1.18 installed. Your game version can be checked in the lower-left corner of your home screen. This also indicates if your game has been modified.

how to install Minecraft optifine 1.18.1
How to Install Optifine in Minecraft 1.18

If your Minecraft version is older than 1.18, you can update the game with the Minecraft launcher. Once you’re ready, follow these steps to download OptiFine Minecraft 1.18.1.

1. Open the Downloads Page to get started. You will find OptiFine information for all versions of Minecraft. This list is sorted according to the release date. If you locate the latest Optifine version in the Minecraft 1.18 section, click the “download” button. In case of problems, use the (Mirror] link to find an alternate path.

This tutorial will be using the Optifine 1.18 HDU H3 P8 version. However, a newer version might be available at the time of installation. To avoid problems, ensure you download the most recent version of Optifine For Minecraft 1.18.1.

how to download Minecraft optifine 1.18.1
Download Optifine in Minecraft 1.18

2. You will be taken to skippable ads pages after clicking the download button. Wait for 5-10 seconds before the Skip button appears in the upper right corner. To continue, click “Skip.”

how to download optifine in minecraft 1.18.1

3. After skipping the ad, a downloads webpage will appear. The file will start downloading once you click the “download” button.

how to install optifine in minecraft 1.18.1
Download optifine in minecraft

4. The Optifine installer is a Java file ( .jar). The browser may warn you that the file might contain a virus. To save the file, click the “Keep” button when prompted. It’s safe to assume that it isn’t, as we have scanned the file ourselves, and thousands of users use Optifine daily.

how to download optifine for minecraft 1.18.1

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How to install OptiFine in Minecraft 1.18.1

Double-click the downloaded file once it is finished. As an installer, the.jar file will be opened in the Java compiler. There might be some errors. We have included an FAQ and an error section at the bottom of this article to assist you. Follow these steps closely:

1. Once the installer has opened, the default location will be set. To change the default installation location if it is already installed elsewhere, click on the ellipsis icon (three dots). Next, click on the ” Installation” button.

how to download optifine for minecraft 1.18.1

2. The installation will take only a few seconds. To close the installer, click ” OK” once it is done. This will install Optifine in vanilla (unmodified) Minecraft.

optifine HD ultra h3 pre8 for Minecraft 1.18

3. Once the installation is complete, open Minecraft Launcher to find Optifine. Hit the down arrow option next to the Play button, then choose Optifine and hit the Play.

minecraft optifine plugin

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How to Install OptiFine With Forge and Minecraft Mods

The process for installing Optifine in Minecraft 1.18.1 with mods is slightly different. It is much easier than installing Optifine. Before you begin, install Forge for Minecraft. Next, use the above method to download the Optifine.jar file and then open the folder.

Next, cut the file in your Minecraft installation’s “Mods” folder. If you are unable to locate it, paste this address – %appdata%\.minecraft\mods in your Explorer address bar or the Run window. The Windows 10 keyboard shortcut Windows + R allows you to access the Run window.

This will allow you to run Forge and its mods in Minecraft 1.18.1 without problems. If Optifine does not appear in the “mods” section of the game, don’t worry. This is due to compatibility between Forge & Optifine. To check if Optifine has stopped running, you can still see additional options in video settings such as shaders, quality, etc.

High FPS Settings for Minecraft 1.18.1

If you’ve learned the steps to installing Optifine within Minecraft 1.18.1, Let’s find out how to get the most out of this program. If speed is the primary reason for installing Optifine, It’s easy to make the most of it. Make sure you are prepared for lower-than-average graphics when using a less powerful PC.

If you’re in your Minecraft world, hit the ESC key and navigate to ” Video Settings.” Then, select the ” Options” button on the main screen and choose ” Video Settings” to get to this place. You will need to duplicate the basic settings below before making changes to the more in-depth settings.

high fps settings for minecraft 1.18

We’ve changed to set the Graphics too fast, lowering the texture quality and making them more smooth. On the other hand, Smooth Lighting and its Levels are Off. Smooth Lighting and its Levels are off because they require excessive GPU power to run. The render distance must be between 8-12 chunks to make the game enjoyable. You can further reduce it depending on the requirements of your computer. The framerate may also be unlimitable since it won’t ever surpass the refresh rate of your monitor.

Other settings, including GUI Scale, brightness, and bobbing, have almost any effect on GPU memory. So, you can keep them in their current settings. However, you could disable Entity Shadowsto reduce GPU load further. However, this isn’t required since the textures are already low. A more efficient alternative is to turn off some other game elements. Using the quality and details section in the video settings is possible.

Quality Settings for High FPS

Visit go to the “Quality” settings page under the video settings. The setting is shown in the screenshot above. The settings offer in-game options that do not impact the gameplay in any way. They are an additional bonus feature that Minecraft provides us visually. For the editing options here it is necessary to disable every single option.

Minecraft high fps settings

When you turn off the options you can expect the game to be restarted a few times. Don’t panic, as it’s normal to make your modifications. Once you’ve shut everything off, set the Mipmap kind to the closest. Then, click the “Done” button to save the changes and then exit.

Details Settings for Better Performance

In contrast to quality settings, those in the “Details” section of video settings can affect the gameplay. The options here don’t affect the performance of the majority of GPUs. However, you can alter the settings according to your preferences. The one we believe works most effectively without compromising gameplay are the settings below:

high fps plugin for minecraft

In the beginning, ensure that you set all the settings with no sliders on “OFF” or “Fast.” Then, turning it off eliminate the feature, while making it faster will reduce the quality of its textures. Features such as cloud height held items tooltips, and fog beginning doesn’t affect the quality of your graphics. Therefore, feel free to play with these settings without issues. If the version you have that uses”Optifine” 1.18 in Minecraft has a setting that you aren’t sure about, hovering your mouse over the setting will show more information to help you make better decisions.

Maintain the distance between 75% and 125 percent to avoid getting into trouble during gameplay. It’s the number of distance players can spot mobs in the game. Set the slider to the biome blend to “off” for the most efficient performance. When all settings are set to your preference, hit “Done” to save the settings.

How do I uninstall the OptiFine from Minecraft 1.18.1

OptiFine may have compatibility issues when used with a number of your preferred Minecraft modifications. In these situations the removal of it is the only option. Luckily, uninstalling Optifine is as simple than installing Optifine. Make sure that the Minecraft launcher or game isn’t running. we’ll get going:

1. To begin, you must start by opening the Minecraft directories or even the one in which your game is stored. It is done by right-clicking the game’s shortcut and selecting ” Open file location“. Or, you also can type the following in your explorer’s address bar or use the Run command (Win + R): %appdata%\.minecraft\

how to uninstall optifine from Minecraft
uninstall optifine in minecraft

2. After that, in Your Minecraft directory, remove all optifine.jarfile or any folder that has “Optifine” in its name from the following places:

  • .minecraft/mods/
  • .minecraft/versions/

There may be several versions of Optifine installed within your game. It is essential to remove everyone to prevent any issues. If you’re having problems with compatibility, removing one at a given time and then trying out the game could be an alternative.

remove Minecraft optifine
remove optifine in minecraft

Make sure to clear the OptiFine folders and files from your recycle bins and recycle bin. You can also permanently remove them from your computer with this Shift + delete keystroke. After OptiFine is gone, the game’s video settings will default to the default setting, and all other options will disappear.

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