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How to Install ADB and Fastboot Android Device (Windows, Mac & Linux) – 2022

How to Install ADB and Fastboot Android Device (Windows, Mac & Linux): If you like to tinker around with your Android devices then you must know about ADB & fastboot. These two command-line commands are a must-have for every Android nerd out there. In this small tutorial, we will let you know how to download, use, and install ADB and fastboot.

Check ADB Fastboot Command-List

Install ADB and Fastboot

What are ADB and Fastboot

ADB and Fastboot are command-line utilities that work when you connect your Android device to your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) using a usb cable. These commands let you perform actions like backing up partitions, installing apps, and certain other actions that are not available via GUI. ADB works when your Android device is booted into Android and fastboot works when your Android device not booted into Android. For fastboot, you need to work boot your Android device in fastboot mode. Using fastboot you can access all the partitions on your Android device.

Where to Download ADB and Fastboot

Hit the links below to download ABD and fastboot from Google directly. Once downloaded unzip the files, and you will have a folder named platform-tools. Inside this folder, you will have the ADB and fastboot executables which we will be using later.

Download ADB and fastboot for Windows
Download ADB and fastboot for Mac
Download ADB and fastboot for Linux

ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Windows users also need to download and install ADB and fastboot drivers for their Android devices. You can find links to major manufacturers below.

Download ADB & fastboot drivers for Windows

Mac and Linux users need not worry about drivers.

Install ADB and Fastboot

If you have downloaded the Software then you don’t need to Install ADB and Fastboot, The file is in the Zip format you can extract the file anywhere in your computer. i.e I have extracted into the “D:/Razi/platform-tools” folder, Now go to that folder and press the shift button and right click on your mouse, then click on the “Open PowerShell window here” then a command prompt will open. Now done.

install adb and fastboot

Setup Device

To access you device using ADB you need to enable usb debugging on your Android device. To enable USB debugging to follow below steps on your Android device:-

  • Navigate to Settings -> About and tap on build number seven times. You will see a message saying “Your are now a developer”.
devolope mode on
  • Go back to Settings, and you will see an option called Developer Options. Click on that and enable USB debugging.
devolope option
oem unlock

Using ADB and Fastboot

Turn on your Android device, and connect it to your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) using an appropriate USB cable.

Windows users need to open Command Prompt, and Mac & Linux users need to open Terminal. Once done navigate to the platform-tools folder which was created when you downloaded ADB and fastboot. You can now issue ADB commands.

use of adb and fastboot

ADB & Fastboot Commands – Windows vs Mac/Linux

When issuing adb and fastboot commands on Windows you need to type adb and fastboot respectively. For Mac and Linux, you need to use ./adb and ./fastboot.

Check Connected Devices

Once you have navigated to the platform-tools folder, you can check if your Android device is connected successfully or not using adb devices  fastboot command. If your device is connected successfully it will be listed once you issue the command. If you are in fastboot mode and do fastboot devices you will again see a list of devices connected.

adb device list

The first time you issue an ADB command, you need to tick the box beside Always Allow from this computer. This adds your computer to a list of trusted devices for ADB and fastboot.

usb debugging mode

How to Boot into Fastboot from ADB (ADB Reboot to fastboot)

You can boot into fastboot mode by issuing below command

adb reboot fastboot

Other Important ADB and Fastboot commands

 adb reboot

reboot your Android device normally

adb reboot bootloader

restart your device in bootloader mode

adb reboot recovery

restart your device in recovery mode

fastboot oem unlock

used to unlock ADB bootloader in fastboot mode. Please note, not all devices support this command. Unlocking your bootloader may void your warranty and also wipe all your data.

fastboot reboot bootloader

reboot into bootloader mode from fastboot mode

 fastboot flash recovery filename.img

used to flash a custom recovery on your Android device. Place custom recovery img file in the same folder as platform-tools, and replace filename.img in command with the name of the file downloaded for example twrp.img.

Check ADB Fastboot ADB Device List

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