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How Breed Villagers in Minecraft in 2022

How Breed Villagers in Minecraft: Villagers are one of Minecraft’s most helpful mobs. Villages are the safety net for survival worlds. Villagers provide shelter, food, clothing, and other necessities. You can also trade with them for some of the most lucrative results. These are just a few benefits of villager trading. it can be a great game if you can breed villagers in Minecraft. So In this article, you will learn how to breed Villagers in Minecraft. let’s start.

How Breed Villagers in Minecraft
how to breed villagers 2022

What is the role of villagers in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, villages are passive mobs. Every villager has a role in the village, even if they are not employed. You can also trade with different types of villagers depending on their occupation. The costumes and houses of the villagers will vary depending on the biome in which the village is spawned.

how to breed villagers in minecraft
breed villagers minecraft

You can also find wandering traders and zombie villagers among the various variants. You can heal zombie villagers in Minecraft. However, breeding villagers is an effective replacement to help restore the population. We will only be focusing on the regular adult villager and the baby villager variants.

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Baby Villagers

baby villagers
how to breed villagers minecraft

Baby villagers are a type of villagers, and they are the subject of this tutorial. They are the result of two adult villagers breeding together. Baby villagers by themselves are not useful. They turn into adult villagers 20 minutes after they are spawned. Baby villagers are confined to jumping on beds and running around until then. Sometimes, you may see them picking up poppy flowers from iron golems.

Requirements to Breed Villagers in Minecraft

The process of breeding villagers in Minecraft is more complicated than that of breeding other mobs. Let’s take a look at the different factors that impact it. To breed villagers in the game, you must meet the following requirements.

Minimum 2 Villagers

Yes, at minimum two villages are required for breeding. Two willing villagers are the minimum requirement for breeding. Below, we have discussed how it is important for villagers to breed and produce a baby villager.

Breeding Area

Proper space is the second requirement for breeding villagers. Place a bed for each villager and leave two blocks above each bed. The baby villagers can jump from the space above their bed, which improves their chances of spawning. You should also ensure that the area in which your villager is kept is sufficient.

It is a good idea to have 3 blocks for each villager. If you plan to breed 10 villagers, you will need a 30 block space. To make the most of this space, you can use one of the designs that we will show later in the tutorial. This will allow you to breed more villagers and grow your farm faster.

Food items (What food do villagers need to breed)

Food items

Minecraft villagers can’t be fed food, unlike animals. However, they will breed if there is enough food. You will need to gather and place food items in front of each villager. The villager will then take the food items to 3 breeds or 12 carrots, potatoes, or beetroots.


Minecraft villagers don’t have gender roles like in real life. However, they adhere to the concept of consent. Once you’ve provided shelter and food, the villager will take care of the rest. The amount of food available to a villager will determine their willingness to do so. Keep providing food for your villager if you want them to continue breeding.

How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft PS4/PC

After you’ve met all of the requirements, it’s easy to start the process. You can follow these steps to breed villagers in Minecraft. Here’s how it works.

1. To get started, lure 2 villagers to an enclosed location. Minecraft is a force-based game. Either push the villager or create a path that will lead them. The easiest way to get the villager to sit in a boat is to put it in front of them. You can then row the boat to a particular area.

minecraft villagers
how to make villagers breed

2. You now need to trap two villages close together by building a structure. You can make the villagers breed by creating a structure or their home.

bread minecraft villagers

3. You will need to put 3 beds around the villager and feed them. This will increase their willingness and ability to reproduce, and you will soon meet your baby villager.

child villagers

FAQ – Minecraft Breed Villagers

Is there a limit to villager breeding?

Villagers can continue to breed as long as there are enough beds and food in their area. The villagers can continue to breed if the area isn’t overpopulated. This happens after a five-minute cooling down. If you’re interested, you can create an infinite villager breeding facility.

How can you protect villagers against Zombies?

Torches are the best way to protect villagers’ homes. Torches are the best way to protect villagers. You can place an iron golem inside the breeding area to provide additional protection.

How Many Times can 2 villages breed?

Minecraft doesn’t limit the number of times that villagers can reproduce. Villagers can reproduce more than once. After two villages have successfully bred a child, there is a five-minute cooling-off period. Even if the breeding fails due to lack of resources or overcrowding, the villager will attempt to breed again within 5 minutes. To keep your village’s villagers breeding, you must meet all the requirements in this tutorial.

Is there a better location to raise a villager breeder?

To reduce transportation time, you can set up your own breeder/breeder farm within an existing village. This saves you time and effort in creating homes and beds.

What is the average time it takes to grow a villager?

It takes only 20 minutes for a baby villager to become a fully grown adult, as we have already mentioned. It doesn’t stop adult villagers from breeding more baby villages.

So this was the tutorial on Minecraft on how to breed villagers, I hope you have learned easily through this article.

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