Gaming Abbreviations Every Gamer Should Know – Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms in 2022

Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms: As we all know, the Gaming industry is the biggest, and professional gamers earn well by playing games online. Now a trend has come of online games because through online games, players can voice chat and play together with communication. And many features are available on online games.

If you are also a Gamer, you should know some Gaming Acronyms / Gaming Abbreviations and Full forms that are important to surprise others. It is a cool thing you can become a pro and knowledgeable gamer if you know these acronyms and full forms. These things are also usable when you chat on the gaming apps like Discord.

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Gaming Abbreviations Every Gamer Should Know - Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms in 2021
gamer abbreviations and gamer acronyms

Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms You Should Know

There are many Gaming Abbreviations / Acronyms You should know because when you chat then you can text these Gaming Abbreviations to save your time and it makes you Evey Gamer, so let’s start our list of Gaming Abbreviations & Acronyms:

Chat Terms (Gaming Abbreviations List)

There are Gaming Abbreviations that can be used in Chat:

AFK: Away From Keyboard. It is Used to tell your teammates, you are away from the game for a bit.

GLHF: Good Luck, Have Fun. It is used to start games in good spirits.

JOD: Just God, when your teammates played like the god of the game. then you can say it.

GTG: Good To Go. Ready to play the game.

GG: Good Game. It is used to praise your teammates when they play well.

GGP: Gotta Go Pee. it is used to tell your teammates it’s time for a potty break.

BRB: Be Right Back. Another way to tell your teammates you are temporarily unavailable.

OP: Over-Powered. A weapon, spell, power, effect, or item that’s too strong, thereby disturbing the game.

Gaming Terminologies (Gamers Abbreviations)

There are gaming terminologies and some other Gaming Abbreviations:

DC: Disconnect. Dropping Completely or Connection issues. this is the most common problem in online games if your internet is slow.

DPS: Damage Per Second. How much damage an impact does in a second, used to define the effectiveness of an attack. For intense, you fight with a dragon in any game. When you hit the enemy, then damage shows on the screen. That determines how much damage you give the enemy, as you can see below the image.

damage per second

DOT: Damage Over Time. An impact or power that constantly hurts a target over a long time as opposed to a one-time health hit.

FF: Friendly Fire. Damaging and Hitting someone on your team. Normally accidental.

FPS: First-Person Shooter. A game where gunplay is the main focus experienced from a 1st person perspective (example- through the character’s eyes as exposed to over the shoulder where you can see the character itself) such as Call of Duty, PUBG, DOOM, and Overwatch.

FPS: Frames Per Second. Video games run on frames. Frames are like an image, which means how many frames per second. If you play PUBG, then you must have heard about 30 FPS and 60 FPS.

HP: Hit Points or Health Points. How much health a character has (usually characters have 100% health, that means 100 HP, but somebody damages you, and you are now 50% that means 50 HP).

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HUD: Heads-Up Display. The list overlay carries important notice about the game, such as HP, MP, mini-map, and other items while playing.

IRL: In Real Life. Used to express something, not in the game but rather appearing in the real world, whatever this is.

LFG or LFP: Looking For Group or Looking For Player. A single player who is ready to join with other players in a participating multiplayer assembly.

LFM: Looking For Members. Two or more people who are already assorted are seeing for more players to add to their Team or Group.

MMORPG: Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. A role-playing game where thousands of individuals communicate within the same determined game world like The Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars, and World of Warcraft.

MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Area. Related to the RTS sort, but alternatively, of controlling several units, the player controls one hero unit on a small battle map against other players. Examples include Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), League of Legends, etc.

MP: Magic Points, How much magic a player has.

MP: Multiplayer. Depending on the context, MP can also mean multiplayer, as opposed to a single-player game.

NPC: Non-Player Character. A character that is controlled by a computer (Computerized character). for example- Bots in PUBG.

OOM: Out Of Mana or Out Of Magic. Used to declare MP is exhausted or spent.

OTW: On The Way. Used to tell other players you’re coming to help.

PC: Player Character. a character controlled by humans.

PK: Player Kill(er). Someone who kills PCs. Almost always unexpectedly.

TTYL: Talk To You Later. it is used when you logging out.

WTT: Want To Trade. Used in chat when a player is looking to buy a specific item from another.

XP: Experience Points. A measure of improvement that may get you new powers, skills, or advantages.

Game Genres and Descriptions (Cool Abbreviations for Gaming)

There are Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms based on Game Categories:

RPG: Role-Playing Game

Games in which you obtain a character within a world, usually while completing journeys, leveling up, and expanding abilities. Examples: Divinity: Original Sin 2, The Outer Worlds, Skyrim.

RTS: Real-Time Strategy

These types of games are Most common on PC. RTS games see you war battles in real-time, leading units from an above view and sometimes building bases. Examples: StarCraft 2, Supreme Commander, Clash of clans.

TBS: Turn-Based Strategy

Strategic games in which you control troops or heroes in the battle where you take shifts with your opponent. Often TBS games play out on a plate. Examples: Fire Emblem, Advance Wars.

FPS: First Person Shooter

Played from a first-person perspective, the focus of these games is running around and shooting people or objects. Examples: Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo.

TPS: Third Person Shooter

Like the top view, but played from a third-person perspective. Often include a lot of covering back knee-high walls. Examples: Gears of War, Control, The Division 2.

BR: Battle Royale

A relatively new gaming sort that sees several soldiers placed in a conditional, shrinking environment and tasked with being the last player or team standing. Examples: Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty, BGMI.

Conclusion (Video Game Acronyms)

So, folks, We have told you many Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms you can use these all when you chat on Discord or another gaming platform. Hope you guys, our article ” Gaming Abbreviations Evey Gamer Should Know – Gaming Abbreviations and Acronyms” helped you.

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