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How to Download YouTube Vanced iOS APK

How to Youtube Vanced iOS apk: Youtube Vanced has become very popular because of its excellent features. Unfortunately, it’s not available for iOS devices. However, you can easily install Youtube Vanced on Android devices.

But what do iPhone users do? As such, iPhone users can download an Alternative to Youtube Vanced APK. YouTube++ is among the top YouTube Alternatives to Vanced. However, Youtube Vanced provides adblocking, auto-repeat, background Playback, and more. Also, youtube ++ offers you various features like youtube advanced.

So in this article, we will tell you about Youtube++ and Youtube Vanced. After that, we will teach you how to install Youtube++ on your iPhone?

How to Download YouTube Vanced iOS APK

What is YouTube Vanced?

how to install youtube vanced on iphone

YouTube Vanced is an imitation YouTube app that is built with a variety of modifications. It’s a substitute for YouTube, the YouTube application. YouTube program. The high-end YouTube features are entirely free in the Vanced iOS application. Let’s look over these appealing features.

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Features of YouTube Vanced iOS APK

These features make Vanced iOS an exceptional app and alternative to the standard YouTube application. Here are some cool features.

Block All Ads

This is the main reason YouTube Vanced iOS is a huge success. With the Premium plan off, you’ll continue seeing as many advertisements as possible while watching video content on YouTube. Vanced has eliminated the inconvenience by the introduction of an ad-free YouTube. When you first start using the app, you’ll notice that the ads you’ve been seeing disappear like they were a miracle. This isn’t the best feature of the program.

Direct Download Of Videos To Phone

Another unique aspect that is unique to YouTube Vanced iOS is the fact that it allows you the ability to download the video you want to download from YouTube directly to the phone’s storage. Although YouTube will enable you to download its videos, it does not allow you to save the files to your folder. However, with Vanced, you can download any YouTube video you like for free on your smartphone.

Disable Age Restrictions

YouTube generally blocks specific videos they believe are inappropriate for certain viewers. In this case, they put age restrictions on these videos that make them unsuitable for viewers who are younger than 18 years of age. However, YouTube Vanced has a bypass feature that blocks content with age limitations for specific age groups.

Dark Theme

Although YouTube’s official YouTube application supports dark themes, the Vanced iOS app comes with dark themes where you can switch to dark mode in the darkness, thereby reducing the energy usage of the iPhone and also aiding in decreasing eye strain.

Swipe Control

Many of you who utilize mobile media players such as VLC and MX Players are familiar with this feature. Like those players, YouTube advanced iOS allows you to boost the brightness and volume of the content you are watching by simply swiping the respective regions of your screen to make the gesture.

Moving your finger upwards and downwards from the right-hand side of your screen can reduce the amount of video, whereas doing the same thing on the left decreases your video’s brightness.

Background Playback

Vanced allows you to play YouTube videos in the background even though the video is playing. However, the Background Play feature is also available on YouTube.

What is YouTube++?

how to install youtube++ on iphone

YouTube++ often referred to as YouTube Plus Plus, is an iOS application that alters the basic YouTube application to offer new features, like downloading videos, blocking advertisements, background playback, and much more. It was created in collaboration with UnlimApps and is among the most well-known tweaks to YouTube.

When you install YouTube+, the majority of the restrictions imposed by the standard YouTube app are gone. It makes it safe to view YouTube videos by supplying several of the most helpful features users need.

YouTube++ Features

Here are a few most important features that are offered by the application:

  • Download video files onto your device and play them offline, too. Videos are saved on your camera Roll.
  • Block advertisements and promotions.
  • Convert and save videos to audio files.
  • Playback of background videos plays even when you switch to a new application. This is extremely useful for those who like listening to the audio, such as podcasts.
  • Select the tab you wish to use as the default. Every time you launch YouTube++, this tab will appear as the default.
  • Set the duration of time for the forward and back buttons.
  • Automatically playback videos automatically.
  • Set the default quality for playback of videos.
  • The built-in downloads list lets you keep track of downloaded audio and videos.
  • Age restrictions for disabled people.

How to Download and Install Youtube Vanced on iPhone?

If you want to install Youtube Vanced on iOS devices, follow the given easy instructions:

Step 1 – First, you have to hit the download button of Youtube Vanced APK iOS. Downloading will start. Wait for a second; It will download.

Step 2 – Now, Go to the File Manager and search for Youtube Vanced APK File.

Enable Unknown Source: Youtube Vanced is a third-party app, so we have to enable the unknown source option.

Step 3 – Now, install Youtube Vanced iOS APK from the file. You have just downloaded it.

Step 4 – You can check the Youtube Vanced iOS APK icon on the Apps page after installing.

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