Top 8 Best VR Games – Play VR Games Without a Controller

In this article, We will discuss the best Virtual Reality (VR) games that you can play using the controller.

In virtual reality (VR) games the players can feel the effects of their gaming actions and surroundings. The name itself suggests that VR games allow players to experience the real world.

VR games simulate the players in the actuality that they are playing. To play the game, you need to wear a set of accessories such as a VR Headset and sensor-equipped gloves.

Also, you will require a controller, however, thanks to devices like Google Cardboard and Daydream headsets it is possible to play VR games without using a controller. While you can still play the game to some extent, truthfully that you won’t enjoy it as much as when using the controller. 

Best VR Games

1. VR Racer (Best VR Games)

VR Racer is another racing game that players can enjoy in VR without using a controller. It’s a basic racing game in which your headset acts as a motion navigator, and it performs quite well. There are many streets and vehicles available across the globe with real-time traffic that gives you an impression of life. When it comes to the gameplay you will have a smooth experience and you’ll enjoy the thrill of the ride as you move at a rapid speed. It uses the gyroscope of your mobile device to serve as driving and is an excellent job of it. To select the map or car simply look at the option until it will be chosen. Awesome, right? So, if you’re looking for an intense racing game that has stunning graphics, then try VR Racer a shot.

2. VR Street Jump

vr street jump game

VR Street Jump It is an easy VR game that doesn’t require a controller for gaming, however, you will require a headset compatible with the trigger button. The game starts at the intersection and you need to traverse the streets, avoiding cars and congestion. As you play through the streets, the traffic grows and so do the chances of being killed by vehicles that speed. The game gives you 360-degree views of the surrounding area, which makes it very real and immersive. In addition, the game features animated voxels that look fantastic and remind you of the arcade game frogger. To sum up, VR Jump Street is an easy VR game that you should try out if you have some spare time.

3. Snow Strike VR

snow strike vr game

Snow Strike VR is quite an enjoyable VR game that can be played without having a controller. It’s not among the top in terms of top-quality visual effects, but the gameplay is fantastic when playing this game. If you enjoy the game Minecraft it’s the most similar to it in VR. The game’s concept is centered on the snow fort, where you are required to defend it from rogue enemies. You must throw snowballs towards evil snowmen on your ice tower with headphones and it’s quite well. You will also need to dodge snowballs being from the enemies by moving your head. Like I said, if you’re looking to play a VR game with no control device, Snow Strike VR is an enjoyable game.

4. End Space (Best Space VR Games)

end space VR game

If you have your iPhone, End Space is a VR game that you must not skip. The game is loaded with visual effects, and it has stunning 3D graphics that make you feel as if you’re on the space station. The idea behind it is to shield your spacecraft from cosmic enemies. The game allows you to shoot your enemies with a trigger button on your headset. If the headset you are using does not support it, you can turn on the gaze shooting feature in the settings panel of the headset. The game is very deep and immersive. It is a fun game. You can now play the End Space VR game without any controllers with your iPhone and enjoy VR games at their finest.

5. VR Roller Coaster

vr roller coaster

Have you ever wanted to take a ride but were hesitant to ride one? Now you can take it with VR Roller Coaster as many times as you like. The most appealing aspect of this game is that you not just ride thrilling roller coasters, however, you can also build your own, and be wildly creative in the way you create them. You have more than sixty tracks you can pick from and that’s not just the roller coasters but the entire theme park you can alter. There’s also a range of roller coaster vehicles that you can pick from and combine them depending on how you would like your experience. After you’ve created your ideal roller coaster, just put it on the Google Cardboard and you are in good shape. If you’re using high-quality headphones, it will be exactly like a roller coaster but without vibrating. It’s a great thing to spend some time with because it will not only get you thinking about new ideas but also gives you a good adrenaline surgeon demand. There is no need for a controller it’s one of the most cost-effective methods to start playing VR gaming.

6. Smash Hit

smash hit

Available on the Oculus and also smartphones, Smash smash is among the best VR experience that you could experience. It is made so that a simple cardboard headset can give gamers the entire experience without the need for a controller. There is also the option of playing it as an ordinary mobile game, without VR elements, however, it will take away the excitement. If you’ve not been aware of the game it’s an action-packed shooter that lets players cruise through areas that are full of stunning colors, obstacles, and other aspects. The design of the game is gorgeous, and you’ll not be able to put down the game even once. Small glass obstacles are trying to hinder your progress and it is your responsibility to remove them so that you do not crash into anything. The variety of animations that occur when you pull an object or fall into it feels extremely intricate and well-designed. It’s certainly way above the standard of how a standard mobile game can feel like.

7. VR X-Racer

vr x racer

If you’re a race game enthusiast and are tired of having to play on the PS4 and Xbox One and something that is more like the real thing, VR X-Racer has you covered. It doesn’t have stunning graphics similar to Need for Speed will, but you have access to a beautifully designed racer that keeps players captivated by its stunning 3D-layered graphics. The racing is always thrilling and, despite having to compete against AI-powered cars you’ll find that the majority of races are close to the neck, and often too close for comfort. In contrast to other racing games that are focused on the track and only the enemy with VR X-Racer, there are randomly placed obstacles across the track to keep players on their toes and also. To steer your car, simply move your head to the left, and you’ll be able to steer yourself to any angle. Just pull your head back if need to stop while making turns and then move either left or right to rotate your vehicle.

8. Darknet


If you’re looking to be Elliot Anderson from Mr. Robot, but without falling into legal trouble You can do it on Darknet. The game borrows clues from movies that are cyberpunk such as Blade Runner and mixes it up with challenging puzzles. The goal is to penetrate different websites and attack them with exploits, viruses, and worms that take over information. You must do all this before authorities get a sniff of what you’re doing. This game has a clock, and the second that passes is the most important. While you do not require controllers to play, your headset must include a button for interaction with the hacking nodes and other things that are displayed in the game. The game is accessible across Android, Oculus, PlayStation, and PC (Steam) therefore you can choose the one which meets your requirements without issue.

So these are Best Virtual Reatity Games you can play without controller. To enjoy games surroundings and feel VR games.

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