10 Best Minecraft Servers You Must Play in 2022

Best Minecraft Servers: Most Minecraft players agree that online gaming is the best way to experience the game. The multiplayer world offers something for everyone: the parkour Minecraft server or the simple pleasure of playing with friends. We share a list of the top Minecraft servers to help you fully experience online multiplayer gaming. 

You will find everything you need, from stunning house designs to powerful mod packs which bring about world-changing changes in the game. You only need the Minecraft 1.18 Update installed on your device. Many servers allow older versions of Minecraft to join without problems. Did you also know that these servers can be entered for free? Let’s get to the good information!

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best minecraft servers
Best Minecraft servers

Best Minecraft Servers

Here are the top servers of Minecraft:

1. Hypixel – Best Minecraft Server

  • Java Server Address:
Hypixel - Best Minecraft Server

The world’s largest Minecraft server is the best place to begin if you want to be a part of a growing community. Hypixel offers weekly tournaments and a wide variety of activities. Hypixel can be described as an independent game based on Minecraft in many ways. It features exclusive maps and downloadable items.

This has nearly every Minecraft minigame you could want, including a murder mystery, Bedwars, and paintball. It also offers many customized Minecraft biomes that you can explore if you don’t mind other things.

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2. Brawl – Top Minecraft Server

  • Java Server Address
2. Brawl - Top Minecraft Server

The first Minecraft server features exclusive mods, plugins, and textures. Brawl is different from other online servers that offer community mods. It prides itself in having exclusive content that you won’t find elsewhere. This server provides games such as raids, capture the flag, and even survival.

You can even create your masterpieces with the dedicated creative mode. Brawl also offers a Party Zone with fun, quick mini-games that you can enjoy.

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3. Performium Among Us

  • Java Server Address:
3. Performium Among Us

This Minecraft server is a tribute to one of the most talked-about games of the pandemic era. Although Among Us’ popularity has declined in recent years, this server’s user count shows it is still trendy. But that’s not all.

You can play many other survival, creative, and minigames on this Minecraft server. You don’t need to bring your friends to many active single-player competitive games.

4. Grand Theft Minecraft

  • Java Address:
  • Bedrock Address:
4. Grand Theft Minecraft - best Minecraft servers

GTA Online and Minecraft are the most popular online communities. This server is aware of this fact and offers the GTA world as a Minecraft server. Although there isn’t much information about the community, it is worth exploring the Los Santos locations in Minecraft if you enjoyed the GTA series.

You can even explore the underground network. If you are looking for something more, there is always the possibility of climbing Vinewood mountain and taking in the stunning views of the city.

5. MineHeroes

  • Bedrock Server Address:
  • Java Server Address:
5. MineHeroes - Minecraft best servers
best Minecraft server

Our following list of top Minecraft servers includes one that works on both Java and Bedrock. This server’s best feature is its regularly updated custom Minecraft map, with each one leaving players speechless. There are many game modes available, including survival and prison.

Roleplay doesn’t suit everyone. There are many other worlds, sky blocks, and strange creatures that you can explore. To unlock unique experiences, you can also buy in-game items.

6. Pixelmon on PocketPixel

  • Java Server Address:
6. Pixelmon on PocketPixel - minecraft servers list
one of the best Minecraft servers

Pixelmon Craft is a story-based web server. Pixelmon Craft’s best feature? It can be played on your computer as well. You can also go on an adventure to capture and fight Pokemon, just like in the original Pokemon games. In-game, you can meet Ash’s mom, the professor, and many other characters. You can interact with Pokemon fans from all over the world via an online server while you explore the world.

Pixelmon, in addition to being an online server, is also one most popular Minecraft mods that can be used offline. You can recognize the Pokemons on this server because they aren’t part of the standard Minecraft block build.

7. Mineplex

  • Java Server Address:
  • Bedrock Server Address:

Mineplex is a popular online server on Minecraft Bedrock (Java ) and Java. There are plenty of players online and many games to choose from. There are many games to play with other players, such as survival games, sky-wars, and cake wars. This server is community-based and made just for you.

Mineplex has content to suit all players and is one of the most enjoyable servers. You can find many unique items in our shop.

8. Roleplay-Hub

  • Bedrock Server Address
  • Java Server Address:
8. Roleplay-Hub - best servers of minecraft

This server currently has school and fantasy roleplay themes. This is the best place to discover different scenarios in Minecraft. The roleplay themes are taken seriously by both the players and moderators. This means you will have the best experience possible if you enjoy story-based gameplay.

For those who are looking for a break from roleplaying but still want to be part of a friendly, supportive community, there is a creative mod. The mod works with Java and Bedrock editions. However, the world might look slightly different.

9. SkyBlock Network

  • Java Server Address:
9. SkyBlock Network - top minecraft servers
preferred and best Minecraft servers

This server has all the features that other Minecraft servers don’t have, such as beautiful structures and unique mobs. It also offers fun minigames. This is possible because blocks are constantly flying in the sky. Skyblock players must be careful not to fall.

Once you’ve got that down, the rest is easy. 

10. OmegaCraft

  • Java Address: omega
9. SkyBlock Network
best Minecraft server

This server is the only one that’s not in English on our list. Although you may have to work a little to reach the right places, there are tons of adventures with the Omega craft. It even has a hunger game-style mode to cater to diverse players and offer original game modes.

To compete in group-based events, you can form a faction or group with players you have met online. If you have concerns about language barriers, you can use apps such as Duolingo and the basic English instructions available on the server.

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